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360º Virtual Tour at LVMS

A 360º virtual reality tour is an effective way to provide a visually rich experience.  Combined with ground shots, a virtual reality tour can be used to effectively market a view, a space, an entertainment venue, or an area of interest. These are only a few examples of the endless opportunities for the use of

Aerial Panorama with a Remote Piloted Drone

Want to get a 360 degree birds eye view of an area? An aerial panorama is a fantastic tool to accomplish such a task.  This week work continues on the remote controlled camera ship. After making some adjustments to the placement of the magnets which trigger the camera, there is still some minor problems with

RC Aerial Panorama and Virtual Reality Tour

After several weeks of trying to find a new place to fly, I found this nice little parcel of land in North Las Vegas which is now under construction. I think it is a perfect place to fly and test new gear and photo techniques like the aerial panorama. The aerial panorama below was shot