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Real Estate

Multiple studies have shown that homes marketed with professional photography get more showings and therefore the property sells faster. As a real estate agent there are many compelling reasons to use professional photography to present a listing however, most realtors are using standard photography to market the listing because this is what everyone else does.

RC aerial photography is a powerful and cost effective solution giving the real estate agent the edge to present and market the listing for maximum effectiveness.

PHOTO: SEP 04:  Vegas Helicam Aerial Photo
On average, homes sell for $900-$116,000 dollars more when using professional photography.

Professional photography has come down so much in price over the last few years, there really is no excuse not to use a pro.

PHOTO: SEP 04:  Vegas Helicam Aerial Photo
The primary exterior shot is the MOST important photo.

Obtaining an amazing front photo is most critical for maximum effectiveness. This photo will be seen most and first by prospective home buyers. Online thumbnails of the photo must entice the buyer to look closer at the property and poor quality photos can have a negative impact to the listing.

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