Since 2005, Vegas Helicam has pioneered aerial photography in the Las Vegas valley and we continue to be ahead of the curve when it comes to having the knowledge and experience required to safely shoot with an aerial platform.  In 2005, there were not many folks out there providing aerial photography and video with a drone.  These days, drones have become a common theme in the aerial photography business.

Sure, most can buy off the shelf drones and become instant aerial photographers and instant aerial videographers.  Quite honestly, some of the work out there is pretty good, but the time it takes to become proficient and know how to expertly fly a camera to get the best shots for your aerial project is no easy task.  This is where experience comes into play.

Vegas Helicam has been safely flying cameras for 11 years and we can bring our knowledge and experience to your project.

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Vegas Helicam
FAA Certified.


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